What is required to be a Medical Transcriptionist?

This NZQA (Level Four) accredited on line training programme was introduced to New Zealand in 2006. This course has been adapted to include New Zealand content so that graduates will be qualified to work in both the New Zealand and US environments. The course takes 42 weeks to complete, and attracts a student loan for participants. We have our own NZ based facilitators who will help our people achieve the high standards required by the course material. An additional advantage of this qualification is the ability to lead a person to become accredited as a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and then on to become a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) and gain recognised international qualifications.

Interest has come from rural-based women, women with families and those seeking flexible working options for this type of work. If there are ex-nurses, or ex-secretaries, looking to develop a new career, which may have the potential to work from home after some initial on-job experience, then their past knowledge would be invaluable. We currently have students in many districts of New Zealand and some ex-pat Kiwis living in Australia.

As a graduate of this 42 week course (NZQA Approved) you will be able to enter employment within the medical transcription industry with the relevant professional, practical and technical competencies. Remember, you are gaining knowledge that will translate into a lifetime career!

To gain employment in the industry, students will need to achieve a speed of at least 70wpm by the end of the course.

The entry requirements for our course are as follows:

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